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Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation

What is Staff Augmentation and How it works?

Staff Augmentation is a wonderful abstraction  in modern times. You can hire  professionals for your project from a software company, anywhere in the world . The coolest part is  that the cost and time required to advertise  a job, shortlist a CV, and schedule interviews, are no longer required. Staff augmentation serves as a means of provisionary hiring that allows the businesses to access a larger pool of skilled professionals. Developers help you in accomplishing your business goals. This method is within reach for employees and employer to work on project to project basis.

How to choose the right service provider?

If you are low on money, and  needed less resources the quick way is to advertise  a job on freelancing platforms, you will receive several proposals, interviews, choose  the right one for the job and start working with them head on. But this is usually risky and time taking.

The other way is to  pursue  staff augmentation companies on internet or ask an IT friend or colleague, visit their website, fill out the particulars and send over your query. Most probably you will receive a response within 24 hours. Make a contact, tell them your demands, and they will get back to you with the proposals, cost, and maybe CVs of the professionals that will be working with you. Once you agree on the terms, sign the contract, and bring the team on board.

When to use staff augmentation services:

When it comes to traditional hiring it is difficult to find the right candidate for the job within due time. To meet the deadlines  You have to find a quicker solution for your projects. With the help of staff augmentation companies, this process can be complete within 24 hours because you will hire already tested employees. Service providers have responsibilities to provide resources according to your niche.

If you required temporarily or project based resources, then with the help of staff augmentation companies you can hire resources easily for completing your project within time limit.

What questions do you need to ask the service provider?

You might have different questions to ask, but some of the key questions are listed below:

  1. What is your pricing model?
  2. Can I ask for the part-time resources, or is it mandatory to hire them full-time?
  3. What experience level resources do you have? Minimum to maximum?
  4. What kind of projects has your team done in the past?
  5. Please share your portfolio.
  6. Please share the resumes of the team members.
  7. What is the minimum length of the contract?
  8. What are your vacation and leave policy?
  9. Do you provide any additional benefits to your team members like medical, and transport allowance?

You may ask as many questions as you like because you are the ultimate decision maker and you know very well about your finances

Kick-off and Get Started

If you are satisfied and are ready to sign the contract. Here is an advice for you, If you have your in-house Project Manager, that is an advantage. If you don’t, ask the service provider to provide one. As it will be very time-consuming to talk to each resource on a daily or weekly basis. The provider’s PM can be more helpful as he will be in direct contact with the team, and face-to-face communication and management are always worthy than remote.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation:

There are a lot of pros than cons of it. Reducing your efforts to hire each individual separately, can save you more time and money, Staff augmentation helps in that. If you can get a complete team onboarded with in a week, what else do you need? This helps you more focus on your business operations and the necessary stuff as an executive of a company. 

Also, these resources are never a liability, If your work is done, and the contract is completed h. You do not have to worry about their pay anymore. In other cases, If you hire a person, you have to keep him even If you have no work for him unless he is not a good resource., the main and biggest benefit is that you save time, and hire a team that is not a liability.

Cons of Staff Augmentation:

Well, in terms of disadvantages, the price might be high for some countries like the US, Europe, and Australia. Because as they are managing everything, they will have to make some profits as well. But there is a solution to this too, to look for providers that are in cheap labor regions like Asia, Africa, etc.

Another disadvantage is that you are lacking your in-house team. And totally dependent on others. But there is a solution to this too, If you think, now you have enough budget to manage your in-house team, simply start hiring, and tell the provider to pass all the information to the new team and educate them about the projects completed.

How can be helpful in this regard:

Well, is a Pakistan-based Software Services Providing company, which is open to helping you in terms of Staff Augmentation too. has a talented pool of more than 2000 resources which includes developers, designers, project managers, marketing people, data analysts, business analysts, system admins, architects, team leads, and quality assurance experts and many more professionals in the respective fields. submit your query in the contact form or simply email , we  will give you  variety  of resource. strives hard to deliver quality work in a repeatable fashion. High quality and quality consistency is the main focus. Cheers!