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A Recap of the 2024 Leap Conference with Yahya Khan, CEO of TopTech"

By toptechstaging

The Leap Conference in Saudi Arabia is a leading event that gathers influential thinkers, experts, and innovators worldwide to discuss and showcase the latest industry trends and advancements in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. This year’s conference was particularly significant as Yahya Khan, the CEO and Founder of TopTech, joined the event, adding to the prestigious lineup of participants.

Why is this leap conference being held?

The purpose of the Leap Conference is to inspire and connect innovators, entrepreneurs, and professionals in Saudi Arabia and beyond to create positive change. It provides a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration, where attendees can gain insights from thought leaders and experts, showcase their innovative ideas and projects, and explore opportunities for growth and development. The conference aims to foster originality and business ventures, encouraging people and organizations to think creatively and find inventive solutions to challenges.




Leap Conference 2024 in Saudi Arabia


Themes of the Leap Conference:

The Leap Conference covers a wide range of themes that are all about fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. From the latest in technology to sustainable business practices, digital transformation, and future trends, the conference discusses topics that are shaping the future of many industries. Through engaging sessions and discussions, attendees get valuable insights into how these themes are impacting businesses and how they can adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing world.


Themes of the Leap Conference


Significance of the Leap Conference:

The Leap Conference is incredibly important in Saudi Arabia’s innovation and entrepreneurship scene. As a top event, it plays a crucial role in advancing the country’s Vision 2030 goals. By giving a platform for showcasing innovative ideas, encouraging collaboration, and inspiring the next wave of entrepreneurs, the conference helps diversify the Saudi economy and reduces its reliance on oil. Moreover, the Leap Conference contributes to building a strong innovation ecosystem, driving economic growth, and positioning Saudi Arabia as a global innovation hub.



Vision 2030 aims to diversify the Saudi economy, reduce its dependence on oil, and promote innovation and entrepreneurship as key drivers of economic growth. The Leap Conference aligns with these goals by providing a platform for showcasing innovative ideas, fostering collaboration, and inspiring the next generation of Saudi entrepreneurs and innovators.


Overall, the Leap Conference is an important event in Saudi Arabia’s innovation ecosystem, helping to drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic diversification in the country.

The participant's data for the 2024 Leap Conference according to OneGiantLeap

Speaker Lineup:


According to the OneGiantLeap ver 1100 expert speakers from around the world joined the 2024 Leap Conference, including:


Michelle Zatlyn, Co-Founder of CloudFlare

Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO of IBM

Sridhar Vembo, Co-Founder and CEO of Zoho

Shon Chew, CEO of TikTok

Eric Yuan, Founder and CEO of Zoom

Amin Nasser, President and CEO of Aramco

Bill McDermott, Chairman and CEO of ServiceNow

Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services

Ramses Arcaide, CEO and Founder of Neurable

Heather Monahan, CEO of Elite Minds

Speaker Line Up



More than 6000 startups participated in the Leap 2024 Conference, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, and Huawei.



Over 172,000 attendees joined the 2024 Leap Conference, including representatives from Apple, Dell, Intel, Panda, Nvidia, Aramco, PepsiCo, and Logitech.



Leap Conference 2024 Attendees


Over 1800 global tech exhibitors were at the Leap 2024 Conference, including 5.0 Robotics, 3PLNext, ABA Technologies, ABACUS Consulting Technology Limited, ABM, and Aaseya IT Services.

Leap Conference 2024 Exhibitors



This impressive lineup of speakers, startups, attendees, and exhibitors highlights the significance and impact of the 2024 Leap Conference in Saudi Arabia.


Yahya Khan's Involvement:

I visited Leap as an Attendee with one of my Tech Managers. It was a great event showcasing great opportunities for IT businesses and services in the MENA region. The IT industry is experiencing a boom in KSA. All the local businesses and people I have met were amazing and were not reluctant to such a big industrial revolution and change.


Yahya Khan (CEO & Founder of TopTech) Involvement in 2024 Leap Conference in Saudi Arabia




Key Takeaways:


A very professional and impressive event, especially providing free and easy-to-use transport services operating during the event hours. A dedicated mobile app was provided to network and schedule meetings with attendees, investors, entrepreneurs, and other like-minded people. Meeting new people started for me right after sitting on the bus. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. And yes the event was free for attendees. People from Mena, Europe, and South Asia were mostly seen. Big giants like Microsoft and Google were at the front desks.


Networking and Collaboration:


One of the best parts was that they were serving Madinah dates and Saudi Gahwa (Tea). I was able to meet more than 30 like-minded people and companies in these 4 days and built great connections. I am still in contact with most of them. I was also able to generate two amazing leads for my startup. Had a detailed meeting with one of the leads during the conference at the investor’s lounge.


Leap was a 4-day event, which was not sufficient. The number of companies and startups exhibiting there were not able to be explored in such a short time. I met some amazing startups who were working on emerging technologies, especially in robotics and AI. Some had showcased and built outstanding MVPs.


KSA welcomes businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed professionals from all around the globe by providing different channels and facilitating the processes of getting started. One of the biggest things noticed is that they are providing work spaces, consultations, and domain expertise to the newbies. They welcome talents from all over to invest and share their knowledge with the people who willingly and proactively contribute to this change and growth.


Personal Reflections: 


Seems like it is one of the best regions for a company like ours to expand our business to. And yes we are planning to do so. Most of the big giants are about to bring their headquarters to KSA. Which is a good sign of an emerging market. Demand and supply are insufficient, and KSA needs talents and new businesses to capture and conquer the IT industry there.


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