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Canalytics - Web Application (SAAS)


Canalytics effect analysis tools help clients achieve their full potential through intelligent, data- driven effect analysis. Built from 5,000+ scientific studies and board of doctors and scientists, the innovative Canalytics Web App and targeted spectrum services offer actionable insights across 20 therapeutic and 10 adult use effects. Canalytics equips brands, breeders, cultivators, and dispensaries with unmatched competitive advantages.


Web Application – Software as a Service




  • Django
  • React
  • AWS


Medical Research and Healthcare

Client Review


Subscription Users

Subscription users subscribes to one of the package and pays monthly on a regular basis to use their credits. They can utilise the credits given to upload their COA’s to be evaluated and provided with the results.

Regular Users

Regular users buys the needed amount of credits and uses it at the same time. They are limited to the number of credits they have and utilize them to upload COA’s for evaluation. Users can switch between regular user and a subscription user anytime.

COA Results

The user submits the COA’s for evaluation. After the evaluation the results are shared with users in the form of graphs, pie charts and CSV files. Order management, admin dashboard, payment methods integration and payment flows are seamlessly integrated.


July 2023 – Ongoing



Spent Hours



  • Yahya Khan – Business Analyst
  • Umar Hayat – PM/ DevOps
  • Meharban Liaquat – Backend Engineer
  • Mahmood Riaz – Frontend Engineer
  • Ammar Hanif – UI/ UX Designer
  • Hassan Khan – QA Engineer

Future Plans

Canalytics continues to grow and improve the app. They have analysed 100’s of new features and upgrades that they are trying to integrate into the existing web app. Canalytics continues working with toptech team for all these future upgrades.

Many thanks to Mathew Widmer and team for the smooth communication and productive collaboration on the project.

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