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ITITES is one of the firmly growing sectors in Pakistan

5 reasons why IT/ITES is one of the firmly growing sectors in Pakistan          

The Remarkable Growth Trajectory of the IT/ITES Sectors in Pakistan

Pakistan has an exceeding talent of 300,000 English-speaking IT/ITES professionals with command of current and transpires IT products and technology in the ITES sectors. You might find it engaging, in consonance with the ITES sectors.

According to the Global gig economic index 2019, Pakistan is placed as the 4th trendy country for freelancing in the world. It elucidates why many usual companies have manpower in Pakistan.

Pakistan offers cost-effective and skilled IT specialists, maintaining high-quality service standards comparable to other countries.

1: Statistics And Industry Growth In Pakistan:

Pakistan has about 64% of its 220.9 million population in the 15 to 29 age group and has over 2000+ IT companies. Pakistan produces more than 20000 IT graduates, and engineers yearly.

Key factors driving IT/ITES industry growth in Pakistan: a large pool of skilled professionals and cost-effective outsourcing services.

1 Collaboration with foreign countries. 

2 Coming up with special economic zones. (SEZ)

Furthermore, Pakistan’s IT/ITES sector revenue reached 4.1 billion USD from 2018 to 2019, and experts anticipate it to grow a further 100% in the upcoming two to four years to 7 billion dollars.

2: Quality Services:

Pakistan provides sterling services across the world and it is also considered the 5th financially attractive country AT.kearny’s Global service location index 2019.

Pakistan is exporting services to 120 plus countries and has many clients among the 500 hundred Fortune companies including Halliburton, BMW, Toyota, Pepsi, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Motorola, and many more.

Outsourcing in Pakistan has skyrocketed in a few years, from all over the world companies have outsourced their projects to IT specialists in Pakistan

3: Lingua Franca:

English is the dominant business language, in other words, it is the language of trade. Pakistan is placed third on the list of English-speaking countries. IT specialists in Pakistan can cooperate and collaborate with international clients without any problem

4: Cost-Effectiveness And Time Zone :

Amongst the best IT outsourcing regions, Pakistan has its place at the top. Furthermore, it is an attractive market because of its low-cost ratio and punctuality. Additionally, companies from all over Europe, the USA, and Canada can get the same quality of products and services as other countries are providing.

Time zone also favors the exports of services and business process outsourcing. Pakistan IT specialists easily adopt the latest technologies which is why many foreign companies prefer to outsource their projects to Pakistan.

Our IT exports have increased by 70% during the last three years due to zero income tax on IT and ITES. Pakistan is a business-friendly country that offers 100% ownership of equity

5: Evolution Of The Industry And Competent Youth:

The quick increase in the number of students opting for the field of Information technology is promising. Companies employ hundreds of professionals in different areas such as Telecommunication, Health care, Banking Education, etc.

The curriculum has been significantly updated to provide a better understanding to all those interested. The younger generation adapts quickly, mastering complex technology and creating efficient software solutions with ease.

Young people are bringing Pakistan to its full development potential and making it a center of technological innovations.


Pakistan has a reputation for providing offshore services. The ITES sector has a well-developed and organized infrastructure with well-settled fiber optics and the availability of 4G and 5G connections.


ITES sectors

Pakistan is the future hub of tech outsourcing because of its stunning performance in the last few years. Any company in the world wants to make a profit. Pakistan is the best place to outsource their projects.


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